About Me

What do I love about photography?

Let's see... Meeting so many wonderful people, hearing their stories, and taking photos that completely capture their personalities and relationships.  Playing with light and discovering new places.  Creating special experiences, and images that are not only beautiful but that mean so much to my clients and make them very happy.  

I started out in landscape and macro photography which is all about attention to detail and precise composition; creating an image that has impact and draws you in. It appealed to the perfectionist in me and for the first time in my life I felt truly creative. I created art. It is that belief of 'photography as art' which I bring to my work now as a portrait, family and wedding photographer. I want every image I create to be beautiful and meaningful. I also want my clients, both adults and children, to feel relaxed. My photos capture moments of fun and happiness and intimacy and beauty. The joy of capturing moments is what compelled me to transfer most of my energies from landscape to people photography – there is such magic in taking one special second in time and bottling it up forever.

I firmly believe that photoshoots (and photographers!) should be fun, not feared. My shoots take place in natural outdoor environments, not a studio, and I make the photoshoot a memorable occasion. Many of my clients, especially wedding clients, tell me they don't normally enjoy being photographed or like how they look in photos, but are amazed by how much fun they have on my shoots and how much they love the images I have taken of them.

I am based in London but will happily travel, including abroad for weddings. If you would like to discuss your wedding with me, or arrange a family photoshoot or coverage of a family event, just drop me a line at claire@clairelauphotography.com. I would love to hear from you and I'll get back to you very quickly!



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